As your health and fitness professional, I am here to coach, educate and provide you with the skills needed to transform your body, mindset and lifestyle.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? I will be beside you every step of the way. - Salvatore

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Sal has not only helped me with my training but also my mindset, processes/ disciplines and growth. He's made me see the potential in myself and keeps me accountable with my goals. This journey would not have been possible without Sal. Do yourself a favour and hire this man. - Chan

 As a single mum finding the time and motivation some days is hard, but Sal has been excellent with helping me stay on track and achieve the goals I set myself. 

Also coming to him with a previous shoulder injury, he was very accommodating and adapted exercises to help build strength back up whilst pushing me to hit those personal bests.

His knowledge and passion for what he does really makes him an asset to your fitness journey.  - Ashley

Before training with Sal I was unsure how to perform exercises correctly and how to achieve my goals. Since then Sal has taught me correct muscle activation which has greatly helped me with improving my posture, building muscle and cutting fat. He has given me the reassurance and confidence to train on my own. - Steven

I have been attending Personal Training with Sal since March 2019, when I started, I had no experience in the gym. I had poor posture and I wouldn't know how to perform certain movements in exercises to prevent injuring myself.

In the 2 years I have rectified my posture, have learned many new ways to push myself to the limit and am feeling healthier both mentally and physically thanks to Sal's guidance and patience throughout, as well as losing over 15kg thanks to the training regiments as well as nutritional advice given to me over the time.

As long as you have the drive to strive for a better self, Sal will make sure you reach it. - Daniel

I’ve been seeing Sal since August 2018, and with him I have lost weight, gained strength and have more knowledge about my body, foods and the gym than I ever have.

Sal is encouraging, motivating and a pleasure to deal with. I don’t think I would have stuck with the gym for so long as I have if it wasn’t for Sal and his great personal training. - Ashleigh

Sal is a great PT who spends the time to set up a program specifically designed to achieve your goals. While working out with Sal, he ensures to acknowledge your personal goals and helps elaborate on things you may not understand. He  has helped me to push myself to achieve new PB’s and ensure that I am able to activate the correct muscle group. Sal is a great trainer who aims to help his clients progress and achieve their desired goals, he’s someone who cares about your mental and physical well-being also. - Dominic

During my time with Sal, I have learnt everything I know today about the gym, techniques, proper form, foods, healthy eating, tracking calories and everything in between. 

Being unfamiliar with the gym, Sal accelerated my learning incredibly in all aspects. Throughout Sal’s assistance, I have been able to become independent in the gym and perform with all the knowledge Sal has passed onto me.

Having Sal as not only my personal trainer but an amazing friend has been one of the best things that have happened to me. - Dusan


Sal has been my Personal Trainer since the start of my training and has stuck with me throughout. Sal goes above and beyond in his sessions explaining exercises in detail, forms and routine.

He will figure out the best approach for your goals whilst taking into account your normal routine and lifestyle. He has helped change my life for the better, I couldn't have gotten so far without his help. - Jure


It wasn’t until I began training alongside Sal in early 2020, that I began taking my fitness more seriously. Despite moving gyms in October of this year, Sal has continued to make every effort to track my progression and to keep me accountable of my goals via my personalised program. The program itself has helped me to train independently with confidence, which has shown through my results.

Sal has not only helped me with my fitness, but has taught me the importance of my overall health inside and outside of the gym. My biggest take away from my time with Sal has been that self-care doesn’t stop at training. It is about creating an environment and surrounding yourself with people that support your ambitions, encourage your growth and enhance your best qualities. And I can confidently say that Sal has done just that. - Veronika 


During my time training with Sal he has pushed me beyond my limits. I’ve achieved goals and strength I never thought I would.

Sal has not only motivated me and kept me on track but has also taken the time to educate himself to help me progress through injuries and assist me in my rehabilitation - something I’ve never experienced with previous PTs before. - Sevil


Sal has been training with me since September 2020. When I first began sessions with Sal, I didn’t know much about training or what exercises were suitable for my own strengths and goals. He worked on various forms of exercises, ensuring that I understood how to activate and work on each muscle group. I used to feel anxious every time I went to the gym, however having done PT sessions with Sal, I can thankfully say that I have built up my confidence whilst training, and I genuinely look forward to working out. Sal’s upbeat personality, work ethic, and the immense passion that he exerts within his sessions are qualities that I find has kept me motivated to improve in my training and progress towards my fitness goals. - Brenda


Sal has been encouraging, motivational and a great friend in helping me reach my goals. He’s helped me gain muscle and strength and pushed me to the limits every session whether I wanted to or not.

I would recommend Sal to anyone because he is much more than a simple PT, he becomes a good friend and someone you can rely on to help u reach your goals when you think it’s impossible. - Luka


I’ve been with Sal since August 2020 and during this time he has helped me hit new personal bests and a lot of strength gains. He’s an encouraging and motivating PT and has become a great mate during this time, he’s easy to get along with and knows his shit when it comes to eating right and pushing you to reach your goals. - Ivan


I know some of the best Personal Trainers in Sydney and Sal happens to be one of them. I feel comfortable training with him as he is not focused on his ego but actually helping me achieve my goals. I always had a weaker upper body but now I’m in proportion.

 Sal focuses on proper technique and activation,  something you don’t get from a lot of PT’s. Looking forward to working with him in the new year! - Ashur


Sal has been my Personal Trainer since COVID restrictions were lifted. I was an individual who did not see the point of the gym but had to go to lose weight for a medical condition and to re-strengthen my left leg after a nasty injury that left me out of soccer for 7 months. In 4 short months, I have returned to my pre-injury condition, if not better, and I can see the effects of the gym and my improvements in my confidence and my statistics of soccer games week in, week out.

I’ve also found myself looking forward to going to the gym and working out, something I did not think I would feel. Sal’s firm push, motivation and patience has made me fitter, stronger, happier and more productive. - Janette

I have trained with Sal for a while and he’s helped me reach places I never thought I could. Since I started training with Sal, I’ve hit multiple PB’s, corrected my form and gained strength that I definitely didn’t have before due to his commitment and passion. Sal is easy to get along with and an amazing trainer who goes above and beyond. - Daniella


When I first came to Sal I wasn’t happy with my weight and the way I looked. I’d done the whole gym and personal trainer before and always found that I wouldn’t see the results I had set out to achieve.

Working with Sal has been different. He is friendly, compassionate and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. He pushes when necessary and helps to keep me motivated even when I’m not feeling it.

I’ve noticed an increase in my strength and stamina and my overall physical health. He has given me the tools and skills I need to achieve my goals. I might not be at my goal weight yet but with Sal in my corner I know I can achieve it. - Peta

My gym journey began when COVID restrictions were lifted mid-2020 and without Sal, I would have never reached the goals and targets I have always aspired to reach.

He is unlike any other Personal Trainer that I had - the determination and passion he conveyed made me determine to make this attempt at getting fit stick.

I have learnt so much and accomplish many milestones thanks to his support, including my most important goal - building my self confidence. You'd be crazy not to have him as your PT! - Anto


Previously, when going to the gym, I've always been unsure about what exercises to do and whether or not I have been doing them correctly. Since my first session with Sal, I have become more confident in going to the gym and in completing more complex exercises. Furthermore, Sal is a great motivator, and without him, I'm sure I wouldn't be seeing the results I'm seeing today. - Marko

I have been training with Salvatore since beginning of 2018, and I can happily say that he is literally the one and only PT I would recommend throughout my whole entire training experience. He has been there with me from the very beginning and has helped me lift weights with proper technique and muscle activation. - Mary